Dashcam Shows Texas Cop Saving Woman From Swerving Truck

The dramatic video shows a truck swerving out of control on a rain-slicked road.

Dramatic video shows a Texas traffic cop saving a woman and himself from a truck that careened out of control on a rain-slicked road.

Anna Police Officer Brandon Blair had just stopped to help a driver earlier this month who had swerved and hit a tree during a downpour.

His dashcam video shows the harrowing moment a truck coming around the bend loses control, heading toward the woman's vehicle. 

"I just heard a noise and through my peripheral vision I just seen a pickup sliding sideways, coming toward us."

Blair is seen grabbing the arm of Meghan Herrera and pulling her out of the vehicle's path.

"I didn't know how fast the vehicle was going. I didn't know if we were gonna be able to make it out in time," Blair told KXII-TV.

Both Blair and Herrera are fine, and posed for a photo together back at the station.

Officer Seth McDaniel said he knows Blair well. "What he did that day was a great thing. That lady probably wouldn't be here today, if it wasn't for him."