Pastry Shop in Hungary Makes Coronavirus-Themed Desserts for Patrons

The treats don’t protect against the virus, but they are a fun way to reduce anxieties about getting a shot.

Would you like some dessert with your vaccination? There is a pastry shop just northeast of Budapest in Hungary with that type of offering.

The confectioner in the little town of Veresegyhaz is selling various types of tasty “vaccines.” Each treat is named after the various injections available in the European country.

They have syringes filled with syrupy flavors, and they are placed on top of cups of mousse. There is lemon for Astra Zeneca, Grapefruit for the Russian-made Sputnik 5 vaccine, and the Pfizer is matcha-flavored.

Of course, the sweet treats may not protect against the virus, but they are a creative and fun way to reduce anxiety about getting a shot.

Hungary has had over 750,000 infections and over 25,000 deaths from coronavirus. So far, roughly 4.6 million people in Hungary have already been vaccinated.

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