Patty McCormack Returns to 'The Bad Seed' for Remake Directed by Rob Lowe

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Patty McCormack was just 11 years old when she starred in the 1956 classic, "The Bad Seed" — and now she's back for more.

She terrified audiences as the demonic child Rhoda Penmark in the original movie, even earning a nomination for best supporting actress at the Academy Awards, as well as a Golden Globe nod.

Now 73, she is returning to the screen for a remake of the film, which airs on Lifetime Sunday.

"At the time, it was groundbreaking," McCormack told Inside Edition.

This time around, she plays a psychologist, while the child is played by 12-year-old Mckenna Grace. Rob Lowe, who also directed the film, plays the girl's father.

"I've always wanted to play a bad guy in a horror movie for some reason," Mckenna told Inside Edition. "So that was really exciting."

McCormack added, "It is a passing of the torch for me because it was so momentous in my life."


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