People in Chicago Are Getting Robbed of Their Winter Coats

As the wind chill in Chicago reaches a frigid minus 51 degrees, police say several people have been robbed of their Canada Goose coats, which can sell for more than $1,000.

Chicago is experiencing a deep freeze of epic proportions — so much so that people have been robbed of their coats at gunpoint.

Surveillance video shows a man getting his Canada Goose coat ripped off his back. The ultra-expensive outerwear can sell for $1,695. And according to Chicago police, eight people have reported they were robbed of their Canadian coats.

It's so cold the Chicago River is frozen over, and train tracks have been set on fire to keep them from freezing.

In surrounding areas, the Polar Vortex has delighted thousands of students with school closures. Videos of principals announcing that kids have the day off are going viral. 

In Canada, folks have posted photos of their frozen toilets on Twitter.

In Ponsford, Minnesota, temps dropped to 66 below. In La Crosse, Wisconsin, the mercury plummeted to minus 30. 


But there is good news for the weekend.