People Ready to Return to the Beach Should Watch Out for Sharks Reclaiming Waters Off Coasts, Experts Warn

Sharks have been spotted close to swimmers in Florida, while boaters in Maryland had a wild encounter with a great white.

In what’s being called another unforeseen consequence of the lockdown, marine biologists say the lack of humans swimming in the water has left an opening sharks have been quick to fill. 

Sharks have been seen swimming closer and closer to shore, leaving beach bums eager to get back to the sand and the sea with a warning to be careful if they plan to go in the water. 

Off Miami Beach, four sharks were spotted dangerously close to swimmers enjoying the water for the first time since coast had reopened following coronavirus closures

“Wow, that is huge!” those in a WSVN chopper could be heard saying.

“There was a swimmer who was swimming on his back and he swam right over the sharks!” 

And in Ocean City, Maryland, boaters had a wild encounter with a great white shark. 

But none of these sightings are a surprise to Animal Planet Wildlife Biologist Forrest Galante. 

“With all of the stay at home orders people have been out of the water and that's let that environment relax a little bit and allow for sharks to move back into their natural space,” he said.