Pet French Bulldog Mauls Owner to Death in Chicago

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An Illinois woman was found mauled to death by her French Bulldog, Blue, whom she had recently adopted and was reportedly bred to fight other dogs. Lisa Urso, 52, was discovered in a pool of blood on her porch outside Chicago on Saturday. 

Inside Edition spoke to Lake County Coroner Dr. Howard Cooper about the incident. He said it was clear there was a struggle.

"She had multiple bite wounds all over her body as well as scratch wounds," Cooper said. "Her injuries were very severe."

Blue weighed 55 pounds, had a history of violence and was reportedly bred by his previous owners to fight other dogs.

"This dog had been involved in two other incidents, one where he bit her boyfriend and it was very serious," Cooper said.

Animal Control removed the dog from Urso's home last month, but she asked for his return on April 30. Veterinarian Jeff Werber, who owns a French Bulldog, says that was a fatal mistake. He told Inside Edition he would have probably advised extreme caution and recommended against returning the dog to the same environment.

Werber said the breed is not normally associated with attacks.

Animal Control said Blue will be euthanized. Urso's two other dogs will be placed in a loving home.


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