Philadelphia Phillies Fan Nursing a Black Eye After She Was Shot by Hot Dog Cannon

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A woman suffered a black eye after she was pelted with a hot dog at a baseball game. 

Kathy McVay was enjoying a Philadelphia Phillies game Monday night when the team mascot, The Philly Fanatic, aimed the hot dog launcher in her direction above home plate.

It happened in a split-second and she was unable to catch the "fly weiner."

"It came down with such force, like a ton of bricks," she told Inside Edition. "My glasses flew off and I started bleeding."

Luckily, nothing was broken but does have some advice to fans going to the ballpark. 

"We were all laughing," she added. "My friends and I were all laughing." 

The Phillie Phanatic and his hot dog launcher is a popular attraction at games.

The device itself is unique and there's even an entire documentary on its development.

As one would imagine, it took a little bit of expert engineering to get the hot dogs to fly more than just a few feet.

As for McVay, she says she’ll be back at a Phillies game but will not be eating a hot dog anytime soon.

"Give it some time," she said.

The Phillies have offered her tickets to the home game of her choosing. 


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