Memorial Day Weekend 2018: From Burgers to Dogs, Here's How to Grill a Savory Summer Feast

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Original Airdate: July 3, 2017

As millions of Americans dust off their grills this summer, it's an appropriate time to learn the proper methods of a safe and delicious meal.

Inside Edition went to the famed Delmonico's steakhouse in New York City to learn how to expertly prepare a mouth-watering hamburger.

Chef Billy Oliva recommends a blend of 80 percent beef and 20 percent fat for the best burger.

He says to push the meat together in your hand and season both sides with either sea salt or kosher salt and white pepper.

Then place the burger on a hot grill, but never over an open flame.

The internal temperature of the burger is extremely important. To be absolutely certain it’s safe to eat, grab a cooking thermometer.

The bigger the burger, the more time it needs on the grill. The government recommends an internal temperature of 160 degrees or higher.

Oliva says you should give burgers a chance to cook and do not poke or push down on the meat, which drains all the juiciness.

When it comes to hot dogs, Oliva says they are ready once the sides start to split open.

Compliment the BBQ with grilled corn and chicken kebabs and make sure the potato salad and coleslaw are kept cold.


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