Paging Dr. Chef! How Some Hospitals Are Serving Up Gourmet Food for Patients

One chef is in charge of a 22-hospital food overhaul across New York State.

Hospitals are traditionally not known for their food, but that may be about to change at some New York-area infirmaries. 

Chef Bruno Tison, who was once head chef at The Plaza Hotel in New York City and catered the wedding of Donald Trump and second wife Marla Maples, is in charge of the meal overhaul at Northwell Health hospitals in New York State. 

"I decided to make a change," Chef Tison told Inside Edition. "Instead of cooking for wealthy people who could afford the best, I decided I wanted to cook for people who have much more needs."

Chef Tison is overhauling the entire dining experience at 22 hospitals statewide. He's teaching 60,000 employees across all of the hospitals to prepare 25,000 healthy and delicious meals a day. 

"We’re moving away from fried foods," he said. "We are removing all the sugar ingredients. We are only buying antibiotic-free chicken and beef. Our chefs now design their menus seasonally with local, fresh ingredients."

Everything is made from scratch and no one appreciates the new cuisine more than the patients.

John Trimboli, who just had knee replacement surgery, couldn't wait to dig in.

"This is delicious, absolutely delicious," he said. "I don't have to stay tonight, but I’m staying! I already told them, I’m staying for another night!"