Man Who Cooked His Own Meal at Fast Food Joint Offered a Job There: 'Waffle House for Life'

Alex Bowen told Inside Edition that the district manager asked him to be a "secret shopper."

One man took self-service to a whole new level as he cooked up a meal at a South Carolina Waffle House when no one was around to take his order. 

"As soon as I walked around the bar to go to the back and I noticed one employee sleeping, I looked at her for a few seconds and I thought about waking her up, but I thought, ‘This employee is probably tired — I got you fam — I’ll take care of it,'"” Alex Bowen told Inside Edition. 

He walked to the kitchen and snapped selfies as he cooked himself a giant Texas bacon cheesesteak melt at 3 a.m. 

He gobbled down the meal and then left the West Columbia Waffle House. The restaurant only became aware of what happened after he posted his photos on social media Wednesday.

Waffle House management was not happy and suspended the sleeping employee, but added, “Obviously Alex has some cooking skills, and we'd like to talk to him about a job since we may have something for him."

"They didn't formally offer me a job but the district manager reached out to me after this occurred and asked me to be a secret shopper,” he told Inside Edition. 

He added that he is going to do it because, “Waffle House for life!” 

Bowen returned to the restaurant the following day and paid for the meal.