Waffle House Customer Cooks His Own Meal After Finding Staff Asleep

Waffle House
Alex Bowen said he waited for service but eventually took matters into his own hands.(Facebook)

Alex Bowen says he walked into the kitchen with no one to stop him.

A South Carolina Waffle House customer says he walked into the restaurant and found the staff asleep... so he just made his own meal.

"Couldn't sleep so I went to waffle house....guess what...everyone on shift was asleep," Alex Bowen wrote on his Facebook page Wednesday.

Bowen also posted photos, including one of what appears to be a sleeping employee of the 24-hour breakfast chain and several of himself in the kitchen.

In one selfie, bacon can be seen frying behind Bowen on a kitchen flat-top grill.

In another Bowen smiles in front of what appear to be the makings of a sandwich.

“I waited at the register for about 10 mins....no one came" Bowen later explained. "Someone had to take charge and make it happen."

Initially, Bowen said he did not pay. "I ain’t paying if I’m cooking my own," he said.

However, he later returned to the Waffle House and paid and took a photo to prove it. 

In a statement, Waffle House spokesperson said customers should never have to go behind the counter, citing safety reasons.