Picture Purrrfect? What People Are Saying About That 'Cats' Trailer

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Nearly 40 years after its Broadway debut, "Cats" is coming to the silver screen. But despite the film adaptation's star-studded cast, its first trailer is getting mixed reviews.

Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, Jason Derulo, James Corden and many more appear full-on feline in the clips, with Hudson belting the pinnacle number "Memory." 

Fans of the quirky musical about Jellicle cats and the Heaviside Layer expected the film to be reminiscent of the stage production — a quintessential element being humans obviously dressed in cat costumes and leotards. But many were disappointed, and perhaps creeped out, by what this trailer teased.

Swift and company are turned into computer-generated kitties with digital fur. And despite the movie's decision to depict life-like cats, the characters still have human features, such as breasts and the faces of the actors.

News headlines called the movie "terrifying" and "horrifying." People on social media said the trailer left them "uncomfortable" and gave them "nightmares."

Not everyone was displeased, though. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton said the film "looks Oscar-worthy."

Inside Edition took a poll and asked, "Do you like the news 'Cats' trailer?"

The results were overwhelming: Most people said no.


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