Piglets Train for Obstacle Course Race Ahead of Chinese New Year

It will be the last race for the animals, who are almost 3 months old.

These pigs sure can run!

In China, a group of ten cross-breed pigs who stay at Zhangjiakou Green Island will race as onlookers cheer them on, according to Reuters. This past Sunday, the pigs trained for the upcoming race during Chinese New Year.

It will be the pigs’ last race as, at 3 months old, they have outgrown the sport. They are nearly unable to fit through the obstacles in the race if they grow any larger. The race is typically one long lap. 

"In fact these baby pigs are the equivalent of ... we rear them as if they were our children,” said Li Hai, head of Zhangjiakou Green Island. “They are close to our hearts.”

After they age out of being able to race, the pigs will go to a free-range farm and another group of younger piglets will replace them.

"(They are) so cute! I used to think that pigs were a bit dumb. But now I realize they're very smart,” said a tourist who was visiting the park.