Pit Bull Named Chata Is Lone Survivor of Private Plane Crash That Killed 2 Pilots

Chata, the miraculous survivor of a plane crash that killed two men.GoFundMe

The 7-year-old pup somehow survived a plane crash that killed her owner and another man on board.

A 7-year-old pit bull is the lone, miracle survivor of a Colorado plane crash that killed her owner and another man on board.

Chata suffered only minor injuries including a gash behind her ear and some strained muscles.

A vacationing good Samaritan found the pup wandering a residential area where the small plane crash-landed. That person scooped up Chata before first responders arrived and took her to a shelter, where she was held until her family could be notified.

"The owners then brought her here," said Dr. Ashley MacDonald, staff veterinarian at Arrowhead Animal Hospital. 

"I know that Chata's family loves her so much, and her dad passed doing something that he loved doing with her. She even had little earmuffs in the plane when they would go up together," MacDonald said.

“I’ve never dealt with a plane crash victim,” the vet told KDVR-TV. Chata was returned to her family this week, and is doing well, MacDonald said.

The veterinarian said she had no idea how Chata was able to survive.

“I don’t know either,” MacDonald said. “It’s a miracle, animals can do incredible things.”

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