Pizza Gets Delivered to International Space Station From Cygnus Cargo Craft

The pizza is a far cry from typical space food.  

The International Space Station got an eagerly anticipated delivery this week. A cargo ship containing fresh apples, tomatoes, kiwis, and best of all, pizza for seven.

Actually, it was a pizza kit so the astronauts could make their own piping-hot pies. It’s a far cry from typical space food.  

It seems like trying to replicate the comforts of home has been important to astronauts from the early days of the space program. 

In 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong tried to butter bread on Apollo 11. And in 1971, Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard feasted on a hot dog.

The space pizza isn’t the first culinary treat on the ISS to make the news. In June, space station commander Thomas Pesquet made a sort of crepe by smearing chocolate and strawberries on a tortilla. 

The cargo ship also delivered items including a mounting bracket for solar wings, an infrared-detecting device, and materials for experiments.

But let’s face it — the best part of the payload was the pizza. 

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