Pizza Rat Returns? Rodent Seen Carrying Slice on New York City Subway Tracks

The latest encounter was filmed as a rodent was seen carrying a slice at a subway station.

New Yorkers were stunned Monday when they saw what may be the return of the Big Apple's legendary Pizza Rat.

A rat was filmed carrying a slice of pizza along the subway tracks which sparked many to think it was the rodent that went viral in 2015 for bringing a slice down a flight of stairs in a subway station. 

The video, which was recorded over the weekend by Michael Courant, was taken on the downtown 6 train tracks at the Lexington Avenue/59th Street station. 

"I was totally in shock!" Courant told "Everyone on the platform was in awe and pulled their phone out like we were seeing a UFO. No one seemed super grossed out. Many people acted like it was no big deal, which is standard protocol for New Yorkers."

The rat was about the size of the slice it was carrying. 

Courant doesn’t believe it was the same vermin that stole the internet’s heart while carrying a slice of pizza down a subway station staircase a few years ago, but he's sure they are friends. 

While it is unknown where this rat's cheesy triangle came from, Courant joked that he could not reach the rat for comment. 

"Unfortunately I did not get Pizza Rat’s phone number, but I overheard him talking about how he loves Patsy’s Pizzeria," he joked.