Plus-Size Women Slay in Photo Shoot Promoting Body Positivity

The photo shoot was planned to promote diversity.
Linda Blacker

Michelle Elman said she thought the photo shoot would be perfect to show the fashion industry what they are missing.

A body confidence coach teamed up with a photographer for a photo shoot that celebrates plus-size Asian women. 

Michelle Elman told that she thought the photo shoot would be perfect to show the fashion industry what they are missing out on, so she teamed up with photographer Linda Blacker to bring the vision to life. 

The result? Seven, beautiful Asian women giving queen vibes. 

“I thought it was the perfect way to demonstrate that Asian women are just as beautiful and fashionable as any other race and we deserve to be included,” Elman told “We also need to make sure size inclusivity occurs when it comes to Asian representation because the stereotype that all Asian women are petite is limiting and places more pressure on Asian women to conform to a beauty ideal.”

Elman appeared in the shoot herself and said it was empowering. Others who are featured are plus-size bloggers, and some women Elman connected with through Instagram. 

“We were all discussing our own experiences living as a plus-size Asian and it was really comforting to know that whilst we all felt like this in isolation, we weren't alone and this was a very much mutual feeling,” Elman added. 

Blacker said the energy during the shoot, which took place in July in North London, was amazing. The photographs that Elman shared to her Instagram have been liked more than 23,000 times.

People were enthusiastic, commenting, “Come through Queens!” and “This is amazing.”

Elman hopes the photographs will help others continue to embrace diversity.

“I hope it also has made people realize that Asian is a very broad category and that we all don't look the same,” Elman said. “I hope viewers start to notice when Asian women are left out of fashion campaigns and brings to their attention how great a problem it is and how ever-present this erasure is.”