Pole-Dancing Senior Citizen Greta Pontarelli Is Still Wowing Onlookers at 67

Pontarelli is a pole-dancing queen!

Greta Pontarelli looks like she's found the fountain of youth as she proudly shows off her washboard abs in a crop top and bikini briefs while she pole dances. 
Several years ago, she was researching ways to strengthen her body and stumbled upon pole dancing 

“I researched it on the internet," she told Inside Edition. "It said you could lift weights or lift your body." 

She then got to work, and hasn’t looked back since. 

"It was not easy for at first," she admitted. "I think the teacher thought the first class I went to, 'She's not going to be back,' because I couldn’t get up the pole."

Pontarelli works out on the pole for two hours every other day.

She's now competing internationally and holds the title of world champion in the pole dancing's Over 40 division.

One afternoon, she dropped into Smoke and Mirrors Fitness in Orange County, Calif. to teach a pole-dancing class to women a third of her age. 

The young students are in awe of her figure and what she can do. 

“You look at Greta and she just shines, and I think, 'I can do this,'" one student said. 

Pontarelli says that when you "find something you love, you flourish."