Police are Searching for Who's Responsible for a Philadelphia Heist of 2 Million Dimes

pile of U.S. dimes
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Police are looking for “10 or more males,” involved in the dime heist.

Philadelphia police are searching for the masterminds behind a dime heist that took place in a Walmart parking lot.

A truckload full of dimes from the Philadelphia Mint that was headed to Florida ended up being robbed overnight, according to ABC 7. Roughly two million dimes were stolen, worth $200,000, the outlet reported.

Police said they received a call after 6 a.m. on Thursday about the reported break-in, which they believe happened earlier while the truck was left unattended, NBC News reported.

The driver that was supposed to take the truck from the mint to Florida parked the truck in the parking lot and then went home to get a good night's sleep before making the trek to Florida, according to 6 ABC

"This is common practice - to pick up a load going to Florida and go home for the night, get to sleep, and get on the road in the morning," said Captain Jack Ryan of Northeast Detectives, according to 6 ABC.

Unfortunately for the well-rested truck driver, when he came back to the vehicle the next morning, he found the doors to the trailer open and dimes all across the parking lot, 6 ABC reported. 

Police are now looking for “10 or more males” who were wearing black clothing and a white Chrysler 300 pickup truck that has tinted windows, according to CBS News.

As of Friday, no arrests have been made, CBS News reported. The investigation is ongoing as police search through surveillance footage to learn more about who may be behind the heist, said the news site.

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