Police Arrest 17-Year-Old In Connection To Tragic Death of Elderly Hiker

Lisa Thorborg
Carlsbad Police Department

68-year-old Lisa Thorborg went out for a hike on a in Carlsbad, California and wound up viciously stabbed and dead along a trail

On a November morning, 68-year-old Lisa Thorborg went out for a hike along a California trail and wound up viciously stabbed and left for dead along a trail, according to reports. A 17-year-old, who investigators believe acted alone, was arrested last week in connection to her murder, the Carlsbad City Police Department said.

Thorborg was found by a passerby, while on the Hosp Grove West Trial on Nov. 23 around 11:20 a.m., police said. The department announced that they arrested the teenager, a resident of Carlsbad, on Dec. 14 on a beach in a city north of San Diego but did not release any additional details, Mercury News reported.

While investigators said they were initially searching for a white or Hispanic man, between 5-foot-10 and 6-foot-3 with a husky build –– but they have recently said that the suspect did not fit the description, People Magazine reported. Police are not releasing the name of the suspect because he is a minor.

Thorborg was widowed in 2017, and after moving to southern California from Oregon in May, she had been looking for a hiking partner, CBS8 reported.

“Hiking anyone?  I am looking for a friend to go hiking with. I am a moderate hiker, 68 years of age and I would love some company,” she wrote Nov. 9 on Nextdoor, a social networking website utilized to exchange information, goods, and services, the outlet reported.

Thorborg, a former physical therapist, had lived in Carlsbad for nearly six months by the time she was killed.

Police do not believe that the attack had anything to do with her social media post. Carlsbad Police Lt. Jason Jackowski told CBS that they do not believe the two were known to each other. It is unclear what the motive was behind the attack.

“We, the family of Lisa Thorborg would like to share our immense gratitude for the outpouring of support, love, and generosity from this amazing Carlsbad community," her family wrote in a statament, published by CBS. 

After the tragic incident on Nov. 28., neighbors organized a walk, which they titled "Finish Lisa's Walk" to honor Thorborg.