80-Year-Old Lost Hiker Harry Harvey Crashes His Own Missing Person's Press Conference

Harry Harvey, 80, had been lost for days when he was reunited with family after walking into press conference.

An experienced 80-year-old hiker who disappeared during a hail storm crashed his own missing person's press conference. Harry Harvey had been lost for three days when he walked into a British pub and hugged his son and daughter-in-law, who were gathered to issue a public appeal for help in his disappearance.

He had a large bandage on his head, but appeared otherwise fine. The elderly hiker told the assembled cameras and journalists that he had been "caught in a really heavy hailstorm" with "howling gales and winds."

Harvey had been reported missing Sunday after he became separated from his hiking partner in the Yorkshire Dales.

A wildlife photographer had been out on the moors Wednesday and spotted Harvey, then contacted rescuers.

Harvey said it grew dark after the hail storm, and he decided to make camp and stick it out.

"I had three really good wild camping nights where I was on my own and had all the kit I needed. The only thing I was getting a bit short of, I've got a hell of an appetite, and when I get hungry I've got to get something to eat or I can't go on," he said.

His daughter-in-law, who was not identified, was not well pleased. "He's had a blast, we've had a nightmare," she told reporters.