Police in Massachusetts Searching for Who Is Behind 11 Unprovoked Assaults

Crime scene
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The attacks began Nov. 10 near an apartment complex in the city.

Police in Massachusetts are investigating a string of unprovoked attacks in Waltham and they are now asking for the public’s help. The attacks began Nov. 10 near an apartment complex in the city and have occurred numerous times after, including in the downtown areas of the city.

All 11 of the attacks involved victims being targeted by an unknown assailant with a blunt object at night. The Waltham Police Department released footage of a person in a hoodie, who they say is a suspect. They are hoping the public can help.

The most recent attack was the day before Thanksgiving, in which the victim was hit and suffered several breaks to their face and skull, WCVB reported. The person was hospitalized, according to WCVB.

David Cameros, another victim, told WCVB he was hit in the eye with an unknown object before his attacker ran away.

"I don't know if it is only one or there are more attackers," Cameros told WCVB. "The aggressor always attacks from behind."

Police haven’t confirmed that one person committed all 11 assaults, as the cases are still under investigation.

Waltham police are asking anyone with information to call authorities, and warning residents to be careful of walking alone at night. Waltham, which is outside of Boston, has about 63,000 residents.