Police Officer Killed in Las Vegas Mass Shooting Left Instructions For Funeral: 'Remember Me For Who I Was'


He was killed trying to shield others during the hail of gunfire.

A Las Vegas police officer, who was among 58 people killed in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, left instructions for his funeral prior to his death.

Charleston Hartfield, 34, was buried Friday in Henderson, Nevada, after a funeral that drew more than 2,000 family members, friends and police and military officers, Fox News reported. 

Hartfield, a father of two, was off-duty when gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire into the unsuspecting crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas on the night of Oct. 1. Hartfield reportedly lost his life trying to shield others from the hail of bullets coming from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. 

But, one year before his death, Hartfield, who was also an army veteran, created a computer file titled “Charleston Hartfield’s Memorial Service,” detailing what he wanted to happen at his funeral.

“Veronica, if you’re reading this, then I have been called home,” the letter read. “Nothing I type will make this any easier, so I will get to the facts. My largest request: Please do not allow anyone to wear black. Black is totally depressing and I don’t want anyone expressing their sorrow over my passing.”

Jud Wilhite, Senior Pastor of Central Church, read the note out loud at Hartfield’s funeral service.

“I would like for everyone to enjoy themselves. And remember me for who I was. The truth only. None of that stuff about how great I was. Only real stories,” Hartfield wrote.

And that is just what people did. Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo called the 11-year police veteran a “remarkable officer killed by an unremarkable person.”

“That night, in a hail of gunfire, Charlie’s last actions spoke for him. He took actions to save lives,” Lombardo said during the service. 

Hartfield also asked that Nina Simone and Johnny Cash songs be played during his funeral.

And during a slideshow of his life at the end of his service, his wish was granted as the songs played.