Police Rescue Mom and Toddler After Hit-and-Run Leaves Them Trapped in Car

Bodycam footage captured the harrowing ordeal.

Intense bodycam footage captured police officers rescuing a mother and baby after a hit-and-run crash in Wisconsin. 

Milwaukee Officers Michael Ward and Thomas Kresa were on patrol on Oct. 26 when they saw a car flip over in front of them and ran to assist. 

“Try to unlock your doors!” one officer can be heard yelling in the video

They had no idea there was a 17-month-old in the car at the time. 

The officers decided to break open the car’s windows to get the mom and baby out.

The mother and child were then transported to the hospital. 

"It was a good feeling when we realized the child was alright,” Ward told local station WDJT. “Originally we didn't realize there was a young child in there so when the mom handed the child over and we saw the child was conscious and breathing it's a good feeling to know everyone was safe and alright"

On Tuesday, Ward and Kresa were honored with a Meritorious Service Award for the rescue. They said they were just doing their jobs.

"I'm honored to be called a hero,” Ward said. “I think a lot of us know what we need to do when we take the job."

Police also reportedly captured the suspect who hit the mother's vehicle.