Texas Deputies Rescue 17 Ducklings From Storm Drain With The Help of Police Tape

Ducklings rescued
Harris County Sheriff's Office

Catastrophe avoided.

Two sheriff's deputies became heroes to a duck couple when they\ rescued 17 of their ducklings from a Texas storm drain.

As the Harris County Sheriff's Office wrote in a Facebook post, "deduckated" deputies Troy Morin and Jacob Schnur were on patrol Aug. 6 when a man flagged them down in a parking lot.

The deputies were led to a distraught couple of ducks before realizing what the fuss was all about.

That's when they discovered 17 baby ducklings that had slipped through a storm drain cover.

Thankfully, Morin and Schnur came to their rescue.

The rigged up a rescue device using a cargo net ties to police tape that they lowered three feet down into the drain in a bid to pull the scared little ducklings up.

They managed to snag two of them, but the rest fled in fear through the pipes to another drain.

After several tries, the deputies managed to get all 17 ducklings to the surface.

“After 19 years you think you’ve seen it all and I never thought I’d be pulling ducks out of a drain with a net,” Morin said following the rescue. "It’s good to… have people understand that police work isn’t all they see on TV."