Police Stop Woman for Allegedly Riding Electric Scooter While Intoxicated

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New Mexico woman was stopped by authorities for allegedly riding an electric scooter while intoxicated, and police bodycam footage of the incident has been released.

“I'm driving a scooter because I don't want to drive drunk and you are going to give me a sobriety test?” Lily Romero, 27, told an Albuquerque police officer. 

"Absolutely," the officer said.

"Here I go," Romero replied.

During the incident in May, the officer ordered a field sobriety test after he said Romero was riding the scooter "in the wrong direction of travel.”

“I just find this ridiculous dude,” she said during the stop. 

"Well, this is real," the officer told her.

Romero allegedly failed the field sobriety test and was arrested. She was the first resident of Albuquerque to be arrested for allegedly driving an electric scooter while intoxicated.

The phenomenon of electronic scooters has taken cities across the country by storm. 

What many riders don't realize is that these scooters are treated just like cars and other motor vehicles. 


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