Drunk Plane Passenger Ordered to Pay $21,000 in Fuel Costs After WestJet Flight Turns Back

A British man must pay $21,000 to WestJet Airlines for lost fuel costs.
The January flight was turned back to Calgary.iStock

A British man who was drunk and disorderly on a WestJet Airlines flight was ordered by a judge to pay $21,000 in lost fuel costs.

A British man who was drunk and disorderly on a WestJet Airlines flight must pay $21,000 in lost fuel costs, a judge ruled.

The Jan. 4 flight from Calgary to London was forced to turn back after a drunken David Young became belligerent and abusive toward the flight crew and passengers, authorities said.

Young, 44, pleaded guilty last week to charges including causing a disturbance and harassment. His attorney told the court Young was a recovering alcoholic who had fallen off the wagon after the holidays.

The British citizen had consumed six drinks before boarding his flight. He ignored commands to return to his seat during take-off and locked himself in a lavatory, officials said.

He later became aggressive with flight attendants and a passenger who tried to calm him down, authorities said. The flight turned back to Calgary but had to dump 20,000 pounds of fuel and remain in the air for 45 minutes to burn enough for a safe landing.

Young spent seven days in jail.