Police Warn Shoppers of 'Grinch' Stealing Presents

The Houston Police Department released 'surveillance' tape of 'Grinch' stealing Christmas.

The Houston Police Department created "surveillance" video of green-faced Grinch menacing parking lots and stealing Christmas gifts. 

The grainy footage shows an imp wearing a red-and-white coat with green stockings and peeking into cars. When the Grinch finds one vehicle with its doors unlocked, he gleefully scoops up a handful of purchases and skips away.

The department also issued a press release, describing the "suspect" as a "green-faced individual wearing a Santa hat, Santa shirt and green tights. He has been described as having furry hands and feet."

Apparently, some thought the video was real and showed an actual thief dressed as the Dr. Seuss character. Even a few national news outlets called the force, asking if it was actual footage, according to a department spokeswoman.