Pope Soap Is All the Rage for Peruvians Eager to Welcome Holy Father

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

As Peru prepares for a visit from Pope Francis, locals in Puerto Maldonado are making soap to honor His Holiness.

Residents of the city's Apaktone Home for the Elderly are making soap using a simple glycerin recipe. Each bar is stamped with the Pontiff's face on it and the message 'Pope Francis Welcome.'

The bars come in an assortment of colors and will cost about $1.50 each.

Pope Francis is scheduled to meet with members of the indigenous community as part of his visit to Puerto Maldonado, which is considered the gateway to Peru's Amazonian region.

The pope is currently making his way around South America as part of a Latin American tour.

As part of that tour, Pope Francis and his retinue boarded a flight Thursday from the Chilean capital of Santiago to the northern city of Iquique.

While on board, the pope became aware that two of the LATAM Airlines flight attendants were married in the eyes of the government but had not yet wed in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

Being the highest authority of said church, Pope Francis offered to rectify that. Carlos Ciuffardi and Paula Podest were married mid-flight by the pope himself and couldn't have been more thrilled.

"We can't believe the Pope married us," Carlos told members of the media on the flight, per CBS News. "A pope has never married anyone on a plane."

The couple even got a handwritten wedding certificate to verify the mile-high matrimony.