Popular Twitch Streamer DrDisRespect Stops Live Broadcast, Says House Was Shot At

The popular online gamer said it was the second time that someone had shot at his home.

The hugely popular Twitch streamer DrDisRespect abruptly ended his live stream Tuesday, saying someone had opened fire on his house.

The 36-year-old gaming celebrity, whose real name is Guy Beahm, said he and his family were fine, but his Twitch page was closed after the incident. "Proper measures are being taken while the stream is down for the day," said a statement on the site.

Beahm has some 2.5 million followers on the platform and was playing "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" beta when the reported shooting occurred. He was seen walking off camera to check on what happened. He returned, sans his regular disguise of sunglasses and a wig, and claimed his home had been shot at for the second time in two days.

This time, he said, a window was hit.

“I’ve got to end the broadcast right now, someone shot at our house,” he said. “Broke the f***ing upstairs window. This is the second shot, someone shot yesterday, at our f***ing house and someone shot again right now, connected with the house, upstairs.”

PC Gamer and Polygon reported a law enforcement officer had been sent to the residence. 

 It didn't take long for social media to erupt with reaction to the news. Though he has a tremendous following, Beahm also has his share of detractors and has been referred to as "a WWE character in the competitive gaming world," by ESPN.



Beahm is not the only online celebrity to be targeted. In January, YouTube stars Gavin Free and Meg Turney hid in a closet of their Texas home when an obsessive fan broke into their home with a gun, authorities said. 

Christopher Giles, whom police described as a "single, lonely and disturbed," drove 11 hours from New Mexico with the intention of killing the couple. They managed to call 911 from their hiding place and police arrived 10 minutes later. Giles fired one round inside the home, killing himself, authorities said.