Post of Protesting Pooch Lights Up Twitter

Protesting Pooch
This dog isn't going anywhere, thank you very much.Alison Fitzgerald Kodjak/Twitter

A photo of a dog not wanting to go home sparked a Twitter avalanche of similarly minded pooches.

A Washington, D.C., journalist posted a hilarious photo of her dog staging a lie-down protest about leaving a park, and Twitter users chimed in with images of their own rebellious pets.

"This is my dog protesting leaving the dog park today,"  wrote Alison Fitzgerald Kodjak, who works for The Associated Press.

As of Friday, her post had been liked more than 160,000 times. Her post also prompted other dog owners to show videos and photos of their like-minded protesting pooches.

There was no shortage of people sharing their expressions of great patience whilst dealing with pets that put all four feet down, or simply rolled over and played dead.

"Apparently my dog has much more impact than my journalism," Kodjak later added.




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