President Trump Encouraged Ivanka to Get Breast Implants to Help Her Modeling Career, New Book Claims

"Born Trump" is taking a close look at the eldest children of the president.

Did President Trump really encourage his daughter Ivanka to get breast implants when she was a teen to advance her modelling career?  

That's the claim being made in a new book by Vanity Fair reporter Emily Fox.  

“One associate who worked with the president at the time got a call from a family member saying, 'You have to stop this, there's talk about Ivanka getting plastic surgery to enhance her modelling career.' The friend calls Donald and says this can't be true, she's 15 years old and this isn't something that should be suggested. And he said, 'No, no, no, it's not going to happen, but isn't she attractive anyway?'" Fox told Inside Edition.

Ivanka started modeling when she was in high school and she would skip class to work on her portfolio, which enraged her teachers. 

“Now the catch was, her parents required that in order for her to leave school like that, she had to keep up a very high GPA,” Fox claimed.  

Fox writes in "Born Trump: Inside America's First Family" that before high school, Ivanka was already a bit of a wild child.  

When Ivanka was in the eighth grade, attending an exclusive private school in New York City, she and a friend flashed their bare breasts from a window to an elderly hot dog vendor at the park across the street, the book claims. 

“She didn't really get in much trouble for this, but she was later what they call, ‘counseled out of the school,’ which is essentially saying, 'We think you would be a better fit somewhere else,'" Fox claims. 

Fox also delves into Donald Trump Jr.'s hard-partying ways during his college years, which sounded like something right out of “Animal House.” 

He developed a reputation for being someone who would pass out in the middle of a party, the book claims.

The book says all of President Trump's children have a close bond with their dad despite the fact he was not always around as they grew up.

"He was not your traditional father who would go and catch balls and throw balls to his sons in the park, or be there every morning to cook their kids’ eggs," Fox said. "This is not the kind of dad he was."