Secret Weapon? Why 'Goddess' Ivanka Trump Is Adored in China

The first daughter's look and business acumen makes her a big hit in the Far East.

Is Ivanka Trump America’s secret weapon with China?

The first daughter is called the "goddess Yi Wan Ka" Trump in China, where, according to The New York Times, "[She] is widely adored. Her lavish lifestyle and business acumen resonate with young professionals who are hungry for fame and fortune."

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Xinhua, China's official news agency, has described Ivanka as having an "elegant and poised style."

The Times, which Ivanka’s father has repeatedly called "failing" on Twitter, also indicates that young Chinese women look up to Ivanka as a leader and "an elegant symbol of power and ambition."

Some of the contributions to her popularity in the communist country are her and her family's interest in China.

Ivanka posted an Instagram photo Wednesday with her 1-year-old son, Theodore, who is seen playing with building blocks with Chinese letters on them, an indication that he’s already studying the language.

Her 5-year-old daughter, Arabella, has already achieved superstar status in China after a viral video showed her speaking Mandarin. The video has nearly 100 million views after it was posted last year.

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Arabella followed it up in February with a video of her celebrating the Chinese New Year with a song.

Arabella and her mom were recently invited to the Chinese embassy in Washington, where the shy little girl was shown traditional crafts and watched musicians perform onstage.

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