President Trump Reveals He Got 'Lots of Kisses' for His 72nd Birthday

The president gushed about first lady Melania Trump on the White House lawn Friday.

President Trump abruptly appeared on the White House lawn Friday, where he spoke about everything from North Korea to his birthday in an impromptu interview with "Fox & Friends."

The Fox News morning show was broadcasting live from America's most famous address when the president tweeted that he was thinking about making an "unannounced trip to see them."

And suddenly, there he was.

When "Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocy asked the Trump what he had gotten for his 72nd birthday Thursday, he said "lots of kisses." When pressed about who the kisses were from, Trump replied, "My beautiful wife, who is really doing great!"

Melania Trump had made an unannounced visit to New York earlier this week, and was spotted at Trump Tower. 

The White House told Inside Edition that the first lady arrived Tuesday night for “meetings" and returned Thursday in time for the president's birthday. 

On the White House lawn Friday, Trump also took the time to bash his usual targets, like CNN, calling them “a fraud." When Doocy told him CNN staffers were behind him, he didn't seem fazed by it. 

Trump made a few other jaw-dropping statements, including praise of North Korea strongman Kim Jong Un

"He speaks and his people sit up at attention!" he said. "I want my people to do the same." 

He later claimed he was being sarcastic. 

“I'm kidding,” he told the scrum of reporters. "You don't understand sarcasm.”