President Trump Seen Trailing What Looks Like Toilet Paper on His Shoe as He Boards Air Force One

The president was subjected to internet ridicule as a result.

What is that stuck to President Trump's shoe as he boards Air Force One?

As the president headed up the stairs.of the presidential plane in Minneapolis on his way to a rally in Rochester, Minnesota, Thursday, a peculiar piece of paper was seen flapping on his heel.

The president turned to wave and disappeared inside the plane. That's when the paper fell off. 

Moments later, another passenger picked it up.

The curious sight prompted nationwide intrigue — and ridicule — and social media has gone bonkers over footage of the incident.

"That’s not toilet paper, it's the Constitution," one tweet read.

Others questioned: "Why didn't anyone tell him?"

But it cannot be said for certain whether the item is even toilet paper at all, with some noting it could be a napkin from the presidential limo.

The White House has not commented on the matter.