President Trump Spent $5,500 on the Clemson Tigers' Fast Food Feast

President Trump spent thousands of dollars to feed the Clemson Tigers on Monday night, with Wendy's saying the White House's bill was $2,300 and Domino's reporting a $900 carry-out order.

President Trump spent thousands of dollars serving fast food at the White House for the national champion Clemson Tigers football team.

Wendy's said its bill for the White House was $2,300, while the receipt at McDonald’s was roughly another $2,300. Domino’s said a $900 carry-out order was picked up by men in suits. Burger King didn't get back to Inside Edition.

The grand total was easily upward of $5,500.    

Piled high on silver platters in the East Room were fast food burgers and pizza from the chains. French fries were laid out in official presidential paper cups.

One Clemson player couldn't believe his eyes and declared, “the rumors are true.” 

Another player loaded up all the goodies he could carry.  

The McDonald’s that supplied the Big Macs and Filet-o-Fish sandwiches for Trump’s feast is just blocks from the White House.

Owner Carlos Mateos spoke to Inside Edition about the massive order. 

"I believe they had 350 to 400 burgers. They had some nuggets in there, a lot of nuggets in there as well, and then some side salads," Mateos said. "Somebody came in prior to the orders and just paid for it with a credit card."

Trump said he ordered the fast food because workers in the White House kitchen have been furloughed in the government shutdown.

The president claimed he paid for the fast food.


Social media lit up with commentary about the president’s food choice for the catering. 

Political scientist Ian Bremmer called it “house of carbs.” 

“Daily Show” comic Roy Wood Jr. joked about the catering on Twitter. 

Comedian Matt Oswalt, brother of Patton Oswalt, compared Trump’s photo with all of the food to that of a Bond villain.