Prince Harry and Jane Goodall Share Sweet Moment Reenacting Chimp Greeting

Prince Harry and Jane Goodall
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Wildlife activist Prince Harry shared a sweet moment with the ultimate conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall.

In a visit to Windsor Castle for a global leadership meeting on Tuesday, Harry warmly welcomed Goodall. An event was being held in St. George's House when Goodall asked Harry if he remembered something special she had taught him. And, of course, the nature enthusiast did.

Reenacting a chimp greeting, Goodall approached Harry as a nervous female primate. Encouraging her to come closer, Harry patted her on the head as the male. They laughed and shared a warm hug.

As Goodall walked up to the front of the room, Harry also took her hands and they shared a little dance.

During the appearance, Goodall revealed that she had visited Harry at his home, Frogmore Cottage, last month and had a nice snuggle with baby Archie, The Sun reporter Emily Andres tweeted. Meghan Markle also stopped by to greet Goodall and tell her that she has been her "idol" since she was young, the scientist said.

Harry has a long history of advocating for the protection of wildlife. And in 2016, he and Meghan visited Botswana together as their relationship was heating up. They returned in 2017 and shared photos of the conservation-focused trip on Instagram.


The Duke of Sussex attends the ‘Our Planet’ premiere at the Natural History Museum with The Prince of Wales and The Duke of Cambridge, lending their joint support for the protection of our environment. As president of @africanparksnetwork, The Duke of Sussex continues to advocate for the communities and wildlife that coexist in some of the most vulnerable environments around the world. Be it human wildlife conflict or natural disasters, these communities (park rangers, school children, families) are on the frontline of conservation and we must do more to help them as we also work to safeguard the animals and landscapes that are in critical danger. A few recent photos that look back on: Prince Harry’s long time commitment to this cause as well as a glimpse into the work he and The Duchess of Sussex did in 2017. Their Royal Highnesses travelled to Botswana to assist Dr. Mike Chase of Elephants Without Borders in equipping a bull elephant with a satellite collar. Approximately 100 elephants are poached/killed every day for their ivory tusks. Using satellite technology allows conservationists to track their critical migratory patterns and to protect them and the local communities from human wildlife conflict. The elephant pictured was sedated for just 10 minutes before he was up and back with his herd. Tracking his movements has allowed conservationists to better protect him and other elephants and ensure heightened protection for these beautiful creatures moving forward. Photo credit: PA, Image 1

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