Prince Harry Can Sing? And Other Royals' Hidden Talents

The Duke of Sussex isn't the only one who possesses secret skills.

Earlier this week, rock star Bon Jovi teamed up with Prince Harry to record a re-worked version of Bon Jovi's song "Unbroken" for Harry's Invictus Games.

A video teaser posted on the Duke of Sussex's official Instagram shows the pair face-to-face in the legendary Abbey Road Studios about to break into song — but it cuts off before they start.

Although it's unclear if he'll actually be on the record, Prince Harry is known to have a lovely singing voice. In 2018, he briefly sang alongside the cast of "Hamilton" during a charity event and last year, during an event at Canada House, he sang a line from the "The Sound of Music."

It turns out, he's not the only royal with a hidden talent. Here's a list of some of the other royal family members who possess secret skills:

Queen Elizabeth II 

The British monarch reportedly has a great sense of humor and a knack for mimicking other accents. 

"She can do all accents — including mine," the Queen's personal assistant Angela Kelly, who is from Liverpool, told the Mirror.

The 93-year-old also enjoys hearing other accents while traveling around to different places and practicing them when she gets back, Express UK reported.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

The Duchess of Sussex may be known for her former acting chops, but she has also pursued many other talents over the years. Many of them have revolved around writing, books and paper arts.

"While I was auditioning, at the onset, instead of of waiting tables, I did calligraphy," Markle told Glamour magazine in 2013.

She also reportedly wrote celebrity wedding invitations and wrote holiday greetings, according to Esquire magazine

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Prince William has a knack for languages, including Swahili, which he learned to speak while studying at the University of St. Andrews, according to the BBC

He reportedly can also play the bass guitar, according to reggae star Brinsley Forde. Talking to the media after being awarded a prestigious Member of the Order in 2015, Brinsley reportedly said, "[Prince William] said 'I'm a bit good on the bass guitar,' so I'm thinking of signing him up."

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Middleton is known to have a variety of hobbies and interests outside of her royal duties, but photography may be her most favorite.

"The Duchess of Cambridge has a long-standing interest in photography," wrote Kensington Palace on Twitter.

She assumed the role as patron of the Royal Photographic Society and often snaps many of her children's official portraits, according to Vogue.

Charles, Prince of Wales

Over the centuries, certain members of the Royal family have shown interest in the visual arts. The Prince of Wales is no exception.

His watercolor paintings often capture places familiar to him, the Telegraph reported

"Painting transports me into another dimension which, quite literally, refreshes parts of the soul which other activities can't reach," he has been quoted saying.