Puerto Rico Students Erupt In Cheers When School's Power Comes On After 112 Days

The hurricane ravaged island is slowly getting the lights back on.

Inspirational video taken inside a Puerto Rico school shows the moment students erupt into cheers as the power comes back on for the first time since September.

The lights returned to Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo in San Juan on January 12, 112 days since Hurricane Maria left the island in the dark.

The children's excitement and pure joy jump right from the screen in the touching footage. 

The students had been working through the power loss for the last three months as crews worked to bring electricity back to the over 500,000 who were still without it as recently as late December.

Just this week, power crews from across the lower 48 traveled to the island to pitch in to the ongoing restoration. 

According to KPHO, a 50 line workers and other personnel were slated to leave from Arizona Wednesday morning. 

The workers will be part of a group that will consist of nearly 1,500 workers on the island from around the U.S.

The Army Corps of Engineers believes power will be restored for most Puerto Ricans by March.