Queen Elizabeth Funeral Security Prep Included Calling in 10,000 Cops and Employing Anti-Drone Technology

Authorities took great lengths to ensure the two million people who flocked to Central London to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II were kept safe.

A 12-mile “ring of steel” snaked around Central London, where two million people crowded, 500 world leaders among them, to say their final goodbyes to Queen Elizabeth II Monday. How did authorities keep everyone safe?  

Approximately 10,000 police officers from across Great Britain were called up for duty. Armed officers were positioned on rooftops with sniper rifles, while drones were banned from the skies in the area.  

Anti-drone technology was put in place to make sure none slipped through.  

Security lined the procession route, armed officers alternating with unarmed beat cops faced both the direction of the procession and the crowd.  

All world leaders arrived by bus with the exception of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, who were the only leaders allowed to travel separately.  

They arrived in an armored car known as “the Beast,” with another armored vehicle used as a decoy in case of a terrorist attack.  

As the hearse made its way through the British countryside towards Windsor Castle, onlookers threw flowers onto the hearse, which was covered with petals and stems by the time it reached its destination. 

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