Quick-Thinking Cop Catches Boy After He Falls From Window

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An Egyptian police officer made an astonishing catch over the weekend as he saved a young boy who had fallen out of a window.

Officer Kameel Fathy Geed, 45, was on patrol with two other cops outside a bank in Asyut Saturday when the group spotted 5-year-old Ammar Motaz Abd El-Salam hanging from the third floor of an apartment building.

Forced to think quickly, Geed and his two colleagues saw a rug dangling over a barricade nearby. They grabbed it, opened it up beneath the window in hopes of breaking the child's fall.

Video from the scene shows Geed signaling for the boy to come down and within seconds, the toddler drops into the officer's arms. 

Geed catches the child before falling backwards into the rug.

The child was unharmed but one of the police officers was injured and sent to a nearby hospital for treatment, according to Egypt's Interior Ministry.

The video was carried by Egyptian media outlets who hailed the policemen's quick reaction as "heroic."


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