R. Kelly's New Song 'I Admit' Isn't an Admission of Anything, Expert Says

Many say the song, while referencing sexual abuse allegations against him, is not the mea culpa they were expecting.

Is singer R. Kelly admitting abuse allegations swirling around him?

The R&B star, who has been at the center of a number damning reports about his treatment of women, appears to respond to his critics in a new song called "I Admit."

"I admit I made some mistakes, I admit I have some imperfect ways," Kelly sings in the 19-minute confessional. 

But many say the song is not the mea culpa they were expecting.

"So the song, titled 'I Admit,' which a lot of people are thinking is a reference to the O.J. Simpson book," music journalist Jeff Benjamin told InsideEdition.com. The Simpson book, "If I Did It," features a "hypothetical" description of the murders of Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and Ron Goldman, of which Simpson was famously acquitted. 

"He's not admitting these kind of more provocative, scandalous things that I think a lot of people would have expected in a 20-minute song from R. Kelly," said Benjamin. "So it's almost like he kind of trolled everyone a little bit."

Kelly has denied all allegations of wrongdoing, has never been charged and is not known to be under investigation.