Rare Identical Newborn Triplets Heading Home After 2-Week Stay in NICU

"We know them by their arm bands," their dad, Caleb Choge, joked.

Not only are identical triplets rare, but this trio is also resilient.

Ron, Elkanah and Abishai, a set of identical triplets born to Kansas City, Mo. couple Caleb and Nicole Choge, are finally on their way home.

Caleb joked they can still barely tell their boys apart.

"Our little guy here, Ron, is a little smaller than his brothers — about a pound smaller — so we know him by size," he told KCTV. "These two, we know them by their arm bands, their hospital arm bands." 

While their family, including their 2-year-old son, doubled in size overnight, Nicole said she's thankful their community has rallied around them.

"The people have come around us and have really helped," Nicole said. "People we don't know have really come out to support us." 

The accomplishment comes after a two-week stay in the Truman Medical Center's NICU following their birth.

Although they were born six weeks premature, Dr. Josh Petrikin of Children's Mercy Kansas City told InsideEdition.com in a previous interview that they were doing surprisingly well.

"When you come a month and a half early, you’re at risk for all sorts of complications," said Petrikin, who also practices at Children’s Mercy Kansas City. "These boys don’t seem to realize that and are doing better than expected for their gestational age."

While statistics vary, Petrikin estimates the likelihood of identical triplets is one in a million.

But, the Choges are taking the life-changing moment in stride.

"It seems like a mountain now, but as you pass, it's just a little anthill," Caleb said.

In the meantime, they are looking for a bigger car to fit their family of six.

To support the family, visit their GoFundMe page.