Rare White Crocodile Found, May Be Related to Infamous Reptile That Killed Fisherman

"Pearl" was discovered during a crocodile tour in Australia.

Workers and guests on a crocodile tour in Australia made quite the discovery when they spotted a rare white crocodile that may be a descendant of a notorious killer croc.

“Pearl” was found on Nov. 18 in the Adelaide River, during the "Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise."

In a Facebook Post by the NT Crocodile Conservation & Protection Society, Pearl is described as extremely rare due to her size and coloring. Most crocodiles with these features do not live too long in the wild due to difficulties blending in with their surroundings.

“Her color make[s] her rare but most don’t survive and are killed quite young due to their color and lack of camouflage,” the organization told InsideEdition.com.

The society believes Pearl is the offspring of an infamous rare crocodile named "Michael Jackson," who was similarly colored.

Michael Jackson was shot and killed in 2014 by rangers in retribution for killing a fisherman.

Photos of Pearl show the reptile with all white skin, complimented by darker markings.

The Facebook post says efforts to save Michael Jackson may have failed, but the organization is pleased with the discovery of Pearl.

“Michael is gone but it’s nice to know his genes live on in the river,” the post said.

The conservation added that Pearl was seen jumping for the tours so there is chance she will be hanging around.

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