Real-Life Rapunzel: This Woman's Locks Are More Than 6 Feet Long

Alena Kraychenko hasn't cut her hair in 28 years.

Rapunzel may not just be a fairy tale

Alena Kravchenko, 33, hasn’t cut her hair in 28 years and her lustrous locks now measure 6-foot-5, earning her the nickname from the Brothers Grimm story.

"I feel honored when people call me Rapunzel,” Kravchenko said. “Since childhood, my mother would tell me that feminine beauty stems directly from a woman's hair.”

Kravchenko said she fell in love with her mane and then decided to stop cutting it when she was just a little girl.

Maintenance isn’t as hard as one might think, as she only washes her hair once a week and doesn’t try any new hairstyles. The mom of two doesn’t use a hairdryer or straightener either. 

“Initially, I experimented with my hair a lot,” Kravchenko said. “I used to keep different hairstyles but now I try to take proper care of my hair. My hair is easy to comb and does not cause me any inconvenience.”

She claims people are regularly stunned when they see the length of her hair. She usually wears it in a bun or braid and said she only lets it loose on “special occasions” because she has tripped on it before.

Kravchenko plans on continuing to let her blonde strands grow in the future.

"I will never cut my hair, because this is not only the external manifestation — this is my soul, my inner world, which will always be with me,” she said.