A Real Toys R Us Kid: Boy With Autism Gets His Own Mementos From Store as It Closes

The boy was devastated by the closure of the store.

An 11-year-old boy with autism in England was so distraught about his local Toys R Us closing that he has been given the official logos and signs to build his own store at home. 

Blue Martin had gone to the iconic toy retailer in his town of Cheltenham since he was a baby and was "devastated" by the news of its closure, so much so that his parents had to console him for weeks. 

With her son so upset, his mother Becky, tweeted to the store to see if her son could have something to remember it by. 

Within hours of her tweet to the store, the owners got in touch with her. 

The owners went out of their way and gave him signs, logos, and his very own Geoffrey Giraffe, all of which he can use to make his own Toys R Us at home. 

“'The signs are all crowding his room which he is trying to turn into his own Toys 'R' Us. He's still really upset he won't be able to go there anymore, but it helped to give him a bit of closure,” she told SWNS.com. “He needed to see it closed to understand it had gone, but he also wanted a sign for his room to remember it by.”

The owners of the store met with the boy and his family on the night they turned their key over to the landlord on April 23. 

“They were so nice, and they made it very special for him. It was so good of them,” she added. 

His mother said that Blue "likes the big toy stores because they do bigger collections of things."

While the iconic chain has closed its doors for good, this little boy will be able to keep the lights on in the comfort of his own home.