Not Your Parents' Action Figures: Check Out the Interactive Toys of the Future

From a BB-8 to a Barbie horse that reacts to your demands, this holiday is full of amazing toys.

Toys have come a long way in the last few decades, and this holiday season is making playtime more interactive than ever before with enhanced children's toys. got a glimpse into the future of toys and other items that are currently on sale and likely to delight any kid who finds them under the tree.  

Teddy Ruxpin, the bear that captivated children in the '80s, is back — new and improved. With touch-point sensors, Bluetooth technology and more than 40 different expressions, the updated version is sure to raise some eyebrows. 

And what would a toy story be without Barbie?  

The iconic doll is still around and is bringing a new friend this year — the Barbie Dream Horse. It’s touch- and voice-activated, and can also walk around on its own.

The horse is even capable of answering questions. If you ask, "Would you like some carrots?" the horse will respond by shaking her head, found. 

Fingerlings are the adorable electronic pets for children that won't shed or make a mess, and you don't have to take them for walks. They'll also respond to you so when you pet them, and if you blow them a kiss, they will send one back.  

Luvabella and Luvabeau are the updated versions of Chatty Cathy, a popular talking doll from the '50s.

“She actually feels her belly, she feels her feet so you can tickle her and she responds,” Spin Master rep Hilly Feiler told 

With sensors on their feet, tummy and face, these babies have no problem telling the babysitter who's boss.

Music lovers will be up and moving over Hasbro's DropMix. It's the first music mixing game of its kind, and allows you to mix music just by putting cards on the board. It comes with 60 cards, each one covering a musical genre from pop to R&B, to country to rock. Wannabe DJs can blend sounds simply by putting cards on the board. In addition, the site is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Perhaps the most advanced technological advancement in toys comes from BB-8, which is clearly the droid you are looking for as it mimics the popular character from the latest film out of the Star Wars franchise. 

“It's like playing with a child," Toys, Tots, Pets and More (TTPM)CEO Jim Silver told "It's a completely separate human, he has his own personality."

BB-8 will remember who you are and even follow you around, just like in the movies. 

“There's also a voice command, where you can say, ‘BB-8 come here. BB-8 the Stormtroopers are coming!’ and he'll react and go a little crazy, and then run away and hide on his own. You don't have to do anything,” Silver added. 

From modern spins on the classics you love to things you've never dreamed of, this holiday season's toy technology is looking like a blast from the future.