Reality TV Star Todd Chrisley Speaks Out for the 1st Time From Behind Bars

Chrisley claims the prison is “disgustingly filthy” and that he has been targeted by prison staff.

Once starring in his own reality television series, Todd Chrisley is now serving 12 years at a federal prison after a jury convicted him of a multimillion-dollar bank fraud and tax evasion scheme. He is speaking out for the first time from behind bars.

Chrisley says the conditions inside the federal prison are a far cry from the lavish lifestyle he lived on “Chrisley Knows Best.”

“You’ve got rats, you’ve got squirrels in the storage facility where the food is. They just covered it up with plastic and then tore the ceiling out because of all the black mold and found a dead cat in the ceiling and it dropped down on the top of the food,” Chrisley says.

Chrisley is serving 12 years at a federal prison camp in Pensacola, Florida.

The TV personality got candid with News Nation’s senior national correspondent Brian Entin.

“The food is dated. It’s a year past expiration. And they are literally starving these men to death here,” Chrisley says.

Chrisley also claimed he’s been targeted by prison staff.

“There was a photograph taken of me while I was sleeping and sent to my daughter, asking for $2,600 a month for my protection,” he said.

Entin tells Inside Edition he has asked himself if Chrisley is just complaining because the reality star did not like prison. “But so many of the conditions that he describes are inhumane if that is in fact the case. And, we’ve heard reports from other people in the same prison who have similar stories,” Entin says.

The prison sent a statement to Inside Edition saying the facility is safe, secure, and humane.

Chrisley’s wife, Julie, is serving seven years in a Kentucky prison.

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