Record-Breaking Ram Sells in Ireland for More Than $50,000

Ireland's most expensive ram
Blessington Mart/Facebook

Irish breeder Richard Thompson broke the previous record of most expensive ram by selling one of his flock to a farmer consortium.

Ireland’s most expensive ram has been sold at an auction.

The Suffolk ram was sold for 44,000 euros — equivalent to about $52,094 — by County Donegal breeder Richard Thompson.

“I was expecting good money, but not that," Thompson said to the BBC.

According to the outlet, Suffolk sheep are one of the most popular breeds, and Thompson’s sale to a Northern Ireland farmer consortium beat the previous record of 38,000 euros.

Thompson began breeding his flock of sheep in 2015, and knew this particular ram was special, according to the outlet. 

​​"He was what everyone was looking for, what everyone tries to breed.

"He had a different bloodline, you're not breeding into the same line." Thompson said.

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