Red Sox Fan Throws Full Beer Can at World Series Trophy, Breaking It

The Commisioner's Trophy was slightly damaged by the flying can.

A fan tossed a full can of beer during the Red Sox World Series celebration parade in Boston Wednesday, damaging the Commissioner's Trophy.

It wasn't just the trophy that got all bent out of shape: Red Sox Manager Alex Cora was soaked in beer, thanks to an open can thrown by a fan. 

He was so upset he pointed the culprit out to the cops, and the 19-year-old fan was taken into custody. 

"I love Cora," the offender reportedly told police. "I didn't mean to hit him. That was stupid."

But there is blame all around. Several players actually encouraged fans to throw beer cans and either chugged them or splashed the fans back.

Star outfielder Mookie Betts was almost hit twice. A newspaper photographer managed to bat one of the cans away.

It's an unfortunate Boston tradition to throw beer at the victory parades. 

In 2017, the New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski famously caught a beer in one hand, chugged it and then spiked the can. 
But now Betts is saying, "This has definitely got to stop.” 

The damage to the trophy is “very minor,” according to a team official who spoke to The Boston Herald, adding that the repairs will be made “right away.”